The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (hereinafterreferred to as “Taiwan")and the Government of the Republic ofNauru (hereinafter referred to as “Nauru") in view ofstrengthening the cordial relations between the two countries inthe economic, social, educational and cultural fields, haveagreed to the following:Article 11. Taiwan agrees to dispatch volunteers to Nauru to provide services in accordance with the articles of this Agreement.2. Taiwan volunteers shall, in the performance of assigned duties, be under the supervision of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Nauru and the competent government agencies of Nauru or the agency that requests the volunteer service.Article 2Taiwan shall notify Nauru of the individual designated ascoordinator of the volunteers. This coordinator shall assignduties to the volunteers in accordance with the volunteerprograms after consultation and coordination with the Embassy ofthe Republic of China (Taiwan) in Nauru and the competentgovernment agencies of Nauru.Article 31. Taiwan shall provide the volunteers and coordinator with the following: a) Round trip air tickets between Taiwan and Nauru; b) Monthly living allowances during the period of duty in Nauru; c) Medical necessities for personal use; d) Coverage of necessary local medical care expenses.2. Taiwan shall provide international medical insurance for the volunteers and the coordinator. Nauru promises to provide necessary local medical or transport assistance and conveniences to the volunteers and the coordinator upon request by Taiwan.Article 4Nauru shall provide the volunteers and the coordinator with thefollowing conveniences and assistance:a) Exemption from customs duties, taxes and other charges on goods imported or locally acquired in Nauru from bonded stock for official use;b) Exemption from customs duties, taxes and other charges on their personal articles or household appliances imported into Nauru within six months of their first entry, except for warehouse expenses, freight charges and other service charges;c) Exemption from income tax and other taxes on any wages or income received in Nauru and/ or from foreign sources during the period of performancesof their duties;d) Free lodging provided by the agency that requests the volunteer service;e) Coverage by the agency that requests the volunteer service of the transportation and expenses for work-related trips made by the volunteers and the coordinator;f) Issuance of identification cards or work permits;g) Exemption from fees for consular services, entry or exit, and immigration deposits; andh) Temporary exemption from customs duties, taxes and any other charges on one vehicle (1imited to one) for the personal use of coordinator.Article 5Volunteers and coordinator who introduce any goods into Nauru inaccordance with Article 4 of this Agreement shall provide a listof such goods to Nauru for processing the exemption from customsduties, taxes and other charges.Article 6All articles or goods imported into Nauru in accordance withthis Agreement and for which exemptions of customs duties, taxesand other charges have been granted shall be re-exported toTaiwan, unless:a) They are sold within Nauru with payment of customs duties, taxes and other charges;b) They are donated to Nauru with its approval;c) They are of no commercial value or the not suitable for re-export.Article 7On the transfer of the coordinator’s personal vehicle to anothercoordinator, Nauru agrees to temporarily exempt that vehiclefrom customs duties, taxes and other charges.Article 8Nauru shall take all necessary measures to ensure the safety ofthe volunteers and the coordinator at their place of residenceand at work.Article 9Nauru agrees to provide the same status and conveniences to thevolunteers and the coordinator as those provided to otherinternational volunteers, as well as to consult and confirm theduties with the volunteers and the coordinator based on the workprogram.Article 10Nauru shall be responsible for any c1aims relating to any actionor omission by the volunteers and the coordinator in the courseof performing their assigned duties, except that such c1aimsarise from gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part ofthe volunteers and the coordinatorArticle 11Nauru agrees to grant adequate immunity to the volunteers andcoordinator as those accorded to the volunteers of any thirdnation and international organizations serving in Nauru fortheir behavior in the course of performing their assigned duties.Article 12The volunteers and coordinator shall comply with all the lawsand customs of Nauru and shall not undertake any professional orlucrative activities outside of the performance of theirassigned duties during the period of their stay in Nauru.Article 13The agency of Nauru that requests the volunteer service shallconsult with the volunteers and coordinator whenever necessaryto ensure the effective execution of the work program.Article 14Either Government may request consultation with the otherwhenever necessary to ensure the successful implementation ofthis Agreement.Article 15This Agreement shall enter into force when Nauru notifies Taiwanof the completion of its domestic legal process and shall remaineffective unless either Government terminates it by a ninety-dayprior written notice to the other through the diplomaticchannels,IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorizedthereto by their respective Governments, have signed thisAgreement.Done in duplicate in the Chinese and English languages, bothtexts being equally authentic, in Nauru on the fifteenth day ofthe first month of the ninety-seventh year of the Taiwan,corresponding to the fifteenth day of the first month of theyear two thousand and eighth of the Gregorian calendar.For the Government of For the Government of thethe Republic of China Republic of Nauru(Taiwan)Bruce Fuh Kieren KekeAmbassador Minister for ForeignThe Republic of China Affairs(Taiwan) to the Republic and Tradeof Nauru